Our policy

Our policy

Our Service

Our Philosophy

“To support realization of our client’s ideas, to make our client’s dream come true”

NICHIEI supports our client to enhance its global competitiveness and its global business development.



Individual professional always thinks on what is added-value for each client with high professional skill. Whole of NICHIEI provides high quality IP services on all technical fields.


NICHIEI is a patent professional corporation ( i.e., Patent P.C. ) to provide our client with durable and organized IP services.

Organized Service Capacity

Our “high quality service” and our “timely service” are not antinomy. NICHIEI are always responsive to our client’s needs with flexible team-play and mobility among patent attorneys, other professionals and administrative staffs in order to realize coexistent “high quality” and “timely” service.

Origin of NICHIEI

Wishing “Japan be prosperous as IP based nation”, we’ve used “NICHIEI”, abstract firm name with our philosophy that we have to operate our firm with organized service capacity since our establishment. NICHIEI is a second oldest patent firm in Japan that adopted abstract firm name.

Logo mark

NICHIEI’s logo mark comes from “Rising Sun” inspired from our firm name in Chinese characters “日栄”, and “Eternity” that eternal is technology advancement, our professionality advancement and our trusty relationship with our client.


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